Bee Venom Helps Inflammation

When not properly phased, inflammation may cause immune disorders. For centuries Bee Venom has been used in the Orient as an anti-inflammatory medicine. Bee venom and its major component, melittin, provide new alternatives for the control of excessive inflammation. Melittin suppresses signal pathways of TLR2, TLR4, CD14, NEMO, and PDGFRβ. By inhibiting these pathways melittin decreases activation of p38, ERK1/2, AKT, PLCγ1 as well as translocation of NF-κB into the nucleus. This inhibition results in reduced inflammation. Read the complete study.
Lee, Gihyun, and Hyunsu Bae. “Anti-Inflammatory Applications of Melittin, a Major Component of Bee Venom: Detailed Mechanism of Action and Adverse Effects.” MDPI, Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 11 May 2016.